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With the high quality products of ProfiDerm Professional Cosmetics we create completely new time to indulge. Your skin is nourished with rich active ingredients that increase cellular immunity and cellular respiration and hydrate with three types of hyaluronic acid. You will be amazed by the visible and sustainable results.

Treatment Duration/Price
Hydro Lifting
Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

This intensive and professional treatment is carried out in five steps to hydrate, revive and strengthen the skin. This facial treatment improves the elasticity of the skin, gives it a freshness, visibly reduces wrinkles and also improves the complexion of the skin. The treatment is siutable for skins lacking in moisture as well as for dry or mature skin.

As an additional gift for guests –roller with active lifting serum (15 ml).
45 min./€ 95,-
Gold Algo Therapy
Hydrating and regenerating treatment

Deep moisturizing Gold Algae Powder Mask with coloidal gold and seaweed complex, suitable for all skin types and age. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, improves texture and skin turgor. Firms and shapes the contours of the face. Recommend to use in combination with Serum Gel Activator Lightening and Rehydrating. Improves the skin density and strenghtens its structure. Tightens and reshapes the facial contour - lifting effect. It neutralizes the effects of free radicals and acts in depth for long lasting hydration. The Serum Gel Activator Lightening & Gold Algae Powder Mask contain colloidal gold and seaweed complex.
45 min./€ 85,-
Moisturising Treatment
Water Magnet (for both men and women)

A deeply moisturising, inducing, calming and invigorating therapy. Refreshing, giving a shine back to tired skin. Smooth and relieving, strengthens contours in the face. Replaces moisture balance. Manoeuvres the components accumulated from daily activities, most of all adverse conditions.Nourishes, moisturises and has a respository effect on the skin. Protects the DNA cells. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and irritated skin. Cellular immune systems regulators improve the protective functions of the skin.
45 min./€ 75,-
Revitalising Oxygen Therapy
with collagen

The oxygen therapy is suitable for all skin types. With a cleansing, renewing and revitalising effect the oxygen therapy is suitable for all skin types and ages. It produces immediate visible results. The pack contains: dermabrasion with pearl peeling, oxygen ampules and oxygen collagen mask.
45 min./€ 80,-
Diamond Treatment
with liquid silver

Luxury and glamour are combined together with precious crystals: significant facial nourishment with an anti-aging effect. The treatment combats all the
signs of skin aging. The results are: fewer wrinkles, elasticity and firmness are restored in the skin and the pores are visibly refined.
45 min./€ 85,-
Spa Ritual - rose blossom and bouqet
of essential oils

Aroma massage with massage gel with rose and honey and aromatic massage oil. It´s a body wrapping with cream mask of rose blossom.
40 min./€ 60.00,-
Back with wrapping
80 min./€ 120,00
Full ritual with wrapping
Anti-cellulite massage
Anti-cellulite treatment with patented anti-cellulite ingredients like PHYTOSONIC®, ADIPOSLIM® und ADIPOLES® as well as cinnamon extracts, caffeine and Bulgarian pepper. The treatment includes detox, an anti-cellulite massage with wood spoon and a wrapping.
40 min./€ 60,-
with wrapping
Rejuvenating therapy for face
and body "Yoghurt milk"

Deeply hydrating with regenerating and rejuvenating effect due to the yoghurt extract, milk proteins and whey. The therapy is suitable for both men and women.
Face therapy
40 min./€ 58,-
Full-body therapy
60 min./€ 120,00
Ear Candles Therapy
Candles made from 100% bees wax are placed in the ears and the sinuses are purged, cleansed and pain in the head area can be alleviated.
25 min./€ 45,-
50 min./ € 80,-
Mash pack
Herbal extracts are processed to mash, which will be applied to one or more body party in order to alleviate pain, inflammations and accelerate the healing process. Afterwards the skin is thoroughly cleaned. Please note: This therapy is mainly used to alleviate pain due to old injuries after long physical exercises.
20 min./€ 25,-
Herbal Aroma Ritual
Relaxing and sense reacting aroma massage, combined with Bulgarian herbs, pomegranate and figextracts, in order to achieve silky smooth and gentle skin, followed by warm tiles and warm herbal compress massage.
40 min./€ 58,-
without wrapping

Appointments can be made from 10.00 am until 7.00 pm!