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Pleasant beauty and facial treatments - Wellness in Obergurgl

Gotthard-Zeit for beauty treatments

Thanks to the high-quality products of ProfiDerm Professional Cosmetic we create completely new moments of happiness and wellbeing. Your skin is nourished with rich active ingredients that increase cellular immunity and cellular respiration and hydrate with three types of hyaluronic acid. You will be amazed by the visible and sustainable results.

Beauty and facial treatments - Wellness in Obergurgl:

Treatment  Duration/Price


Anti-Aging Facial Treamtent

This intensive and professional treatment is carried out in five steps to hydrate, revive and strengthen the skin. This facial treatment improves the elasticity of the skin, gives it a freshness, visibly reduces wrinkles and also improves the complexion of the skin. The treatment is siutable for skins lacking in moisture as well as for dry or mature skin.

As an additional gift for guests – roller with active lifting serum (15 ml).

45 min./€ 95,-

Take a walk in our „Rose Garden“

This luxurious treatment contains 5 steps all with precious rose extracts or rose petals. The rst step is cleansing the skin of the whole body with Tonic Rose Blossom water that will exfoliate, clean and tonify at the same time.
Then your pores are open to get all the beneficial ingredients from a nice relaxing massage with 3D gel with Rose and Honey. After the massage you will get a nice peeling with Rose Scrub to finish the treatment with a rich and nourishing cream mask from Rose Blossom.
Choose for an optional relaxing feet massage of 25 minutes after this treatment so you can walk out the Rose Garden with total relaxation that will last for days!

50 min./€ 105,- 

Preis inkl. Fußmassage
75 min./€ 125,-

Moisturising Treatment

Water Magnet (for both men and women)

A deeply moisturising, inducing, calming and invigorating therapy. Refreshing, giving a shine back to tired skin. Smooth and relieving, strengthens contours in the face. Replaces moisture balance. Manoeuvres the components accumulated from daily activities, most of all adverse conditions.Nourishes, moisturises and has a respository effect on the skin. Protects the DNA cells. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and irritated skin. Cellular immune systems regulators improve the protective functions of the skin.

45 min./€ 75,-

Spa Ritual with Yoghurt Milk

Deeply hydrating with regenerating and rejuvenating effect due to the yoghurt extract, milk proteins and whey. The therapy is suitable for both men and women.

Winner in SPA Nominations: “Balkan SPA Treatment 2010", "Balkan SPA Product 2012", World Spa & Wellness Awards, London 2014.

Facial Therapy
40 min./€ 58,-
Full therapy
60 min./€ 120,- 


You can book your beauty treatment appointment for the time between 10.00 am and 07.00 pm.

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