More than just a holiday in the Ötztal


Thanks to its high alpine location on 1,927 m above sea level the village Obergurgl is also known as the highest church village in Austria. The name Gurgl derives from Gurgali which means "village at the glacier".

A tradition-rich village: Around 1760 the first inhabitants of Obergurgl first and foremost lived from agriculture. To make ends meet they also worked as weavers. In the 19th century, however, the consumer behaviour changed dramatically so that these professions were no longer sufficient to secure their existence. These changes initially caused a substantial decrease in population. In 1910 only 40 people still lived in Obergurgl. 

Thanks to the increased alpinism and mountaineering in the early 20th century migration was stopped.  In 1949 the first drag lift was built in Obergurgl and in 1953 the first chair lift was built up the Hohe Mut. In 1960 the high alpine road and pass at the Timmelsjoch were inaugurated and Hochgurgl developed into a hotel village.

Obergurgl for your holidays in the Ötztal

Today Obergurgl has 430 inhabitants and is known as one of the ski resorts with the highest guarantee of snow in the Alps offering winter sports fans dreamlike pistes and  lifts without waiting hours. You enjoy brilliant snow conditions from mid-November until the beginning of May.

The idyllic village also banned night time traffic and introduced two reduced traffic zones to ensure a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to stroll through the village by day and night. Unforgettable holidays in the Ötztal enthrall winter sports fans.

Obergurgl, mountains - people - stories

The book "Obergurgl, Berge - Menschen - Geschichten" ("Obergurgl, mountains - people - stories")
by your host Irina Köll-Scheiber.

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