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Berge - Menschen - Geschichten

The book is widely illustrated with historic and current images giving a deep insight into the history of Obergurgl and the life of its inhabitants.

More than 100 years ago there was not a lot going on in the Ötztal. There was not much space for the people to live between the rocks, ice and natural forces. Suddenly a lucky coincidence changed everything boosting the development of the village Obergurgl: In 1931 Auguste Piccard, a famous physicist who went stratospheric, had to make an emergency landing with his balloon at the Großer Gurgler Ferner - and the small mountain village became famous throughout the world.

Today Obergurgl has more than 50,000 overnight stays in winter and belongs to the most popular winter resorts in the upper tourist industry. Life has changed and with it the people as well. This development of the idyllic mountain village is depicted by this comprehensive book with historic and current images. The book takes you on a journey through the history of the Gurgler valley, conquers mountain summits and immerses into the world of former legends and myths. With short and long tales and stories, starting at the end of the Ice Age and continuing up to the present the book depicts in words and images the big challenge to populate a high mountain valley.

Thanks to the cooperation of the inhabitants of the village a suprisingly deep insight into the life of people, families and shining lights of this extraordinary alpine village was created.

Berge Menschen Geschichten
Irina Köll-Scheiber (ed.) / Carmen Nehm

272 pages
ISBN: 978-3-86528-661-1
24x 30 cm

About the editor:

Irina Köll-Scheiber lives and works in Obergurgl where she took over the hotel of her parents and manages it today. She belongs to the founding families of Obergurgl whose members are responsible for the transformation of the village into one of the most important holiday resorts in Austria.

About the authoress:

Carmen Nehm worked as script lecturer, authoress of TV shows and producer of documentaries for a long time. Afterwards she pursued her passion for words and images by creating non-fiction books. She contributed to several high-quality cook books. 

Obergurgl, mountains - people - stories

The book "Obergurgl, Berge - Menschen - Geschichten" ("Obergurgl, mountains - people - stories")
by your host Irina Köll-Scheiber.

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